Thank You, 2017 Here We Come


As we enter 2017, I want to take this opportunity to reflect on the progress that our efforts at OE Capital Partners created in 2016 and the impact we intend to make during the upcoming year.

In our second year of operating as a firm, we learned that not only was our vision of financing growth companies using a revenue-based model with human capital intervention unique, but also urgently necessary. In building companies, having a great product idea or service is critical to success. However without data analytics, market analysis, and operational excellence, many companies with great potential struggle and ultimately find that potential unrealized. Understanding the breadth of this gap between a good product and a good company has allowed OE Capital Partners to build a more robust process that allows us to quickly recognize those products with accessible markets, access the readiness of those markets, and build a repeatable process to scale and grow the company.

OE is positioned to drive maximum value into its current portfolio as it seeks to bring on new impactful companies into the portfolio. This in turns positions OE to generate great value to its investors. Our vision at OE is simply to break down the barriers that currently exist to keep the wealth concentrated for the few, so that more people can have access to the most prolific economic engine the world has known – the United State private sector.

I would like to thank our Investors and Portfolio Companies for believing in our vision and trusting in our abilities. The OE Capital Partners team is honored to serve you, and we are looking forward to an “Optimal” 2017.

Best Regards,

Patrick Howard


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