OE Capital Partners is an alternative fund manager that infuses the management approach and human capital injection of private equity strategies into growth stage ventures capital companies to provide liquidity and annual return for our investors while creating real revenue growth for our portfolio.

With our unique economic view and investment methodology, OE Capital Partners strives to create value by providing the right capital and the right people, what we call relationship capital, that unleashes the potential of the innovative businesses with whom we partner.

With a focus on building real companies, with strong revenues and health liquidity, we achieve what has become an ever elusive state between businesses and investors: alignment.

Revenue Focused

We invest in the future revenues of our portfolio companies. Our focus is to provide operational expertise and assistance in growing the top line revenues of each portfolio companies to create solid businesses with real revenue streams that can support explosive growth. With minimial to no dilution of the current shareholders, OE imputes value back to the management team, thereby building strong cooperative relationships that drive growth and liquidity.

Executive Operations

Everything starts with the right people. Human capital drives the revenue goals in every company. OE Capital Executive operations teams integrates into our portfolio companies with over 80 years of experience in product launch, logistics strategy, business development, and integrated marketing. Our value is not simply in our dollars, but in the sweat equity we bring to the table.

Transformation Marketing

The OE Marketing philosophy lies at the intersection marketing and economics. Oe takes the traditional tools of data and market analytics and infuses them with behavioral and social economics. This allows us a more dynamicconversation. Aandas experts in a modern approach that aligns digital marketing, analytics, business to business strategies, brand identities, and sales conversions, we deploy more productive, efficient dollars to help our companies get their products to the right people, and increase overall ROI.

Revenue Participation

Real revenue participation allows us to be a performance, and success, driven organization. By focusing on generating top line sales we grow with our portfolio companies and their initiatives. By focusing on revenue capture rather than valuation growth we can divorce the liquidity event of the asset from the returns of the investor alleviating the long term commitment to most venture capital investments.

Revenue participation is a time-tested, proven strategy for investing in proven markets. Invented in agriculture, and architected for energy investing in the 80s, the revenue based model is very attractive to investors that would like to see returns sooner and have more control of liquidity. This also appeals to savvy business leaders who enjoy a lower cost of capital that equity participation.

OE revolutionizes the revenue based approach by injecting scientific methodology. Afterall, revenue is a science. OE enlightens the business strategy with economic, market and predictive analysis for better market insight, and anchors the capital structure with asset collateralization. This results in a lower risk profile, with maximum ROI potential for the investor, and a higher potential equity valuation for the company.

Market Focus

We focus on the consumer products vertical in growth stage venture capital. An often neglected sector that is filled with talented people, great products, and defined markets is ripe with opportunity for expansion. Our industry focus is on sports, health and wellness companies that are looking to solve a problem in the market place.