OE Capital Partners focuses on funding early stage projects that present a proven market demand and are seeking financing alternatives to expand their operations. We have developed an innovative and structured process known as The Key Method, through which companies are vetted as potential candidates for our investment portfolio.



It is our belief that the traditional investment strategies designed for the general public are antiquated and cannot keep pace with the increasingly volatile and globalized economy.  It is through this lens that we, at OE Capital Partners, look to provide options in the private market that have been traditionally unavailable or inaccessible to the average investor.  We provide our investors with opportunities to invest in companies that demonstrate innovation, high growth, and a marketable path to success.  Contrary to traditional private equity firms, we do not invest in long-term vapor valuations but instead invest for cash flow based off generated revenues which in turn lowers our overall risk and creates consistent returns for our investors. 

We believe that speculation in the public markets has led to the widespread disconnect we now see between corporate growth and market returns for investors.  With our strategy we look to provide our investors with an opportunity to leave speculation behind and invest in the tangible and measurable revenues of the companies within our portfolio.


We are a Dallas-based private equity firm that invests with companies looking for financing to assist in driving efficiencies and executing growth initiatives to expand in the market.  We have found that with the increased volatility in the public markets, investors are looking for new avenues that can provide stable yet substantial returns without having to rely on trading for speculative prices on the exchange.  An important factor which separates us from the traditional private equity sphere is that we have broken down the typical barriers to entry and have extended the private market investment opportunity to the average investor.  We also approach our financing structure in a different way.  We utilize a revenue-based financial model which allows us to provide our investors with returns based on the revenues generated within the portfolio rather than taking an equity stake or placing debt on our project companies.  Employing this type of financing strategy provides both our project companies and our investors with benefits that are unavailable through traditional investment vehicles.

This unique financing model allows our project companies to maintain 100% ownership of their company throughout the financing terms.  Investing in the revenues allows OE Capital Partners to monitor and maintain the fund at the appropriate levels to maximize growth and insure our returns.  In tracking the performance of the company based off revenues rather than speculative valuations we have more accurate control over the deployment of time and capital spent with each project company.  This strategy not only protects our portfolio from taking on more capital than can be serviced at any one time but also protects our investors from taking on any unnecessary risks with underperforming projects.

We understand that average investor’s tolerance for risk is low, which is why we provide complete transparency within our internal investment process.  Not only do we require our companies to undergo an intense due diligence process which highlights the potential opportunity for both growth and the overall risk but we also apply a number of risk mitigation techniques to protect our investors.  These techniques include activist investment strategies, stop loss assets, real-estate, and our proprietary risk calculating software OERA.  We provide our investors with quarterly audits of the firm in the spirit of complete transparency to demonstrate our confidence in the strategy and expected returns.

As an activist investment firm we are heavily involved in all the companies within the portfolio.  We employ a team to execute and drive revenues ensuring the success of our portfolio and the profitability for our investors.  We are involved in everything from marketing, branding, production, HR, sales, IT, and a number of other departments in making sure that our growth objectives are reached and insuring that our investors realize substantial returns. In aligning our goals with both the companies and the investors we believe that we can provide a system that benefits our companies, our investors, and our firm.